Sunday, September 25, 2011

Expectations of Service

When I go to service I do not really know what I expect to feel. I know I will be a little nervous because I have never been in a situation like this before. I have volunteered with a few organizations, but they have usually been working with some sort of youth organization. I have never really tutored anyone either so that adds another level of anxiety. I am very nervous about tutoring because I do not want to teach them anything wrong. I hope that all my fears will go away once I start working with my learner.
At service I expect to see adults trying to learn new things, so they can make their lives better. I am actually excited to see this because it is nice seeing adults trying to make their and their families lives better. It just shows how much love someone can have for their family even if it means asking for help, which many people don't like doing.
I am trying not to think too much about service because I don't want to start stereotyping the learner I will be placed with. I want to have an open mind and not have an pre-conceived notions before I meet my learner. I hope to get the full experience out of service, so I think it's best not to imagine what it will be like because I know I will start judging what is going to happen.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Photo Project

This picture is located in my common room in St. Mary's Hall. Whenever I walk into my house I see this picture and it makes me feel at home. At first I was nervous about coming to school and being away from but this picture makes me feel a little less nervous. Being a part of this school makes me want to strive to embody what "being a hawk" means. I hope that by the end of my time here I'll finally know what that means. 

Sunday, September 11, 2011

observations of st. joe's

  1. After attending an all girls high school it is very weird to see guys everywhere.
  2. I've noticed that people walk at different speeds, depending on where they are from.
  3. Half of the St. Joe's students are from New Jersey.
  4. Almost every guy that i've met is named mike.
  5. People don't know how to share the sidewalk.
  6. A lot of students have to walk from merion hall to either bellarmine hall or post hall in ten minutes.
  7. Whenever I go to get food from the dinning hall on the weekends, it is always closed.
  8. There are very few guys in my education class.
  9. Playing a sport is like being in a cult.
  10. Taxi drivers are kind of creepy.
  11. A lot more people than i expected came to school with girlfriends/ boyfriends.
  12. It's not always sunny in philadelphia.